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Arabi Cream For Pimple Cure

Removes acne and pimples in 10-15 days without leaving scars; contains cooling, astringent, and healing properties; keeps skin supple and smooth; absorbs excess oil in the skin. At bedtime, wash your face with lukewarm water and apply arabi pimple treatment cream on boiling pimples; let it on overnight and wash your face the next morning.


Original price was: ₹1,199.00.Current price is: ₹549.00.

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Arabi Cream For Pimple Cure

Introducing Arabi Pimple Cream, a powerful and effective solution for tackling pimples and achieving clearer, healthier-looking skin. Our specially formulated cream is designed to target and combat pesky pimples, helping you regain your confidence.

Arabi Pimple Cream harnesses the power of natural ingredients to provide a gentle yet potent solution for pimple treatment. With its unique formulation, our cream works to reduce inflammation, soothe irritated skin, and accelerate the healing process. Say goodbye to those stubborn pimples and hello to a radiant complexion!

Our cream is meticulously crafted with care, using only the finest natural ingredients known for their skin-enhancing properties. Each ingredient is carefully selected to ensure optimal effectiveness and safety for your skin. The cream’s lightweight texture allows for easy application and quick absorption, providing instant relief and nourishment.

Regular use of Arabi Pimple Cream can help minimize the appearance of existing pimples and prevent future breakouts. By addressing the root causes of acne, our cream helps restore the balance of your skin, leaving it clearer, smoother, and more vibrant.

Not only does Arabi Pimple Cream effectively target pimples, but it also promotes overall skin health. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin, restoring its natural vitality and softness. Experience the joy of having a pimple-free complexion that radiates with youthful vibrancy.

With Arabi Pimple Cream, you can confidently face the day knowing that your skin is being taken care of by a trusted and reliable solution. Embrace clear, healthy skin and bid farewell to pimple-related woes.




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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.

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