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Luca Face Whitening Cream for Fairness

Luca  Here you will find 9 Days Result Whitening Cream, Money Back Guaranteed Whitening ,Reduce Pimples , Dark Spot Remove 100% Result within 09 Days

Luca Mixing Face Whitening Cream


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Luca Face Cream for Fairness

Advantages of Luca Face Cream Skin Clarity, Brightness, Radiance, Remove pimples Freckles & black patches dark circles 9-day challenge with no adverse effects If no result is obtained, funds will be returned. Men’s and Women’s Use

How to Apply Luca Face Cream Step

1: Cleanse your face with cool water. Step

2: Using a towel, thoroughly dry the face. Step

3: Apply Luca Face Beauty Cream to your face. Thickly applied to the skin Stay cool (in a room with a fan or air conditioning).

4: – Boys Girls, leave it on your face for 3-4 hours. Keep it on your face for 2 hours (from the third day of using the cream, apply at night and wash in the morning).

5: Finally, rinse with cold water.




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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.