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Health Tone Extra Effective Weight Gainer, 90 Capsules

Health Tone is a brand.

Capsule is a type of capsule.
Thailand is the country of origin.
Packaging 1 Box Pack 90 Capsules
1000mg in strength
Application/Usage: Weight Gainer

Health Tone Extra Effective Weight Gainer, 90 Capsules

Original price was: ₹3,500.00.Current price is: ₹2,199.00.

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Extra Effective Health Tone Weight Gain Capsule To Bring Your Body Healthy & Fit 

Extra Effective Health Tone weight gaining capsules are ideal for slender persons who are struggling to acquire weight and achieve the ideal body structure. To ensure a safe and effective result, our Natural and Herbal weight gain pills are made with only natural and herbal ingredients. The pills are intended to grow adequate muscles with appealing forms, improve the users’ appearance, and make them stronger and more vivacious.
Extra Effective Health Tone Weight Gain Formula 1000mg Capsules are a natural approach to gain weight. You grow muscles, improve your complexion, and appear healthy, powerful, and handsome when you use our Weight grow solution. This fantastic weight gain recipe might help those who want to have a stronger and more appealing figure!
Extra Effective Health Tone Capsules are completely risk-free. The ingredients are rare herbs gathered from the world’s best-growing farms. It is free of steroids and pharmaceuticals, indicating that it is helpful for weight gain and safe for all men to use. Doctors recommend 500mg Health tone weight gainer for ladies rather than extra effective, which has a strength of 1000mg and is ideal for men’s bodies. Extra Effective Health Tone comes in a package with 90 capsules with 1,000mg of weight growth formula.

Extra Effective Health Tone Benefits For The Body:

Weight gain capsules formulated by Health Tone are carefully formulated with natural ingredients to provide long-term effectiveness.
Taking the capsules boosts hunger and encourages the consumption of healthy foods at regular intervals.
By reducing stress and anxiety in large amounts, the capsules help improve the energy level and reduce stress.
In addition to boosting weight gain, these capsules make the digestive system stronger.
As a result, both the consumer and the people around him or her observe changes in his or her physical appearance and confidence in a short period of time. This product Extra Effective Health Tone keeps the user from feeling fatigued even after hard work or extended physical activity.

Ingredients Of Extra Effective Health Tone Weight Gain Capsules:

Dandelion Root 200mg
Ashwagandha 200mg
Withnia somnifera 200mg
Asparagus racemosus 100mg
Liquorice root 100mg
Chamomile 50mg
Blessed Thistle 50mg
Fenugreek 50mg
Cannabis 50mg
Dosage Of Extra Effective Health Tone Weight Gain Capsules:
Three capsules per day for the first month.
Two capsules per day for the second month.
One capsule a day from the third and last month on wards.
Health tone weight gain capsules going with regular exercises and healthy lifestyle habits give a quicker and better result.


Health Tone


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