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Daily Dosage _
Intake 2 capsules daily, 1 after breakfast and 1 while going to bed. For best results, take the 2 vitamin C capsule 500mg Each along which is supplied free along with Dr James Pills by us. Take 2 Vitamin C Tablet anytime a day.

Celebrity Secret: Dr. James Glutathione (proven safe and very effective) Each capsule contains 1000mg pure natural glutathione, it is free from harmful effects. The epidermal melanin reduction effect of this formula is noticeable in as short as 4 weeks? continuous treatment. Fixed pigment concentrations (dark spots and other discolorations) will also be removed. Formulation 100% natural pure glutathione with Alpha T-acids (Each capsule contains pure natural glutathione) 1 bottle contains 60 capsules. Usage is 1 capsule 2 x a day with meals. This glutathione is prescribed by dermatologists. Dr. James Glutathione is really effective since its glutathione content is 1000mg. You should Take Vitamin C separately when taking glutathione of at least 2000mg a day since vitamin C is important for the absorption of glutathione in the body.

As an anti-oxidant/ anti-aging medication: glutathione?s recommended dosage is between 10 and 20mg. per Kg. BW (body weight) per day divided into two doses.
In simple words – Take after breakfast and after dinner, 2 pills a day.

Medium brown: 1-3 months
Dark brown skin: 3-6 months
Very dark skin: 6-12 months.
Black skin: Atleast 2 years or even more
Once a person has her desired skin color, the maintenance dose will just be 500mg once a day.

DR. JAMES Glutathione is also known to benefit the following:

– Remove pimples and age marks and protect your skin from the future growth of pimples.
– Makes your skin color radiant, pinkish and glowing
– Get Whiter & Beautiful Skin
– People with dark spots on skin
– It lightens dark spots such as under eyes and under arms.
– Effective for Alcoholic drinker and Smoker
– Men with liver disorders
– Men having low sperm
– People with heart problems
– Men with anti-asthma or allergies
– People with weak immune system

Dr James Glutathione has no known side effects or interactions even if given orally in prolonged use.

Detail About Package –
1 Bottle 60 Pills & 60 Chewable Vit C Free.

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Skin Solution Store, Wholesaler and Distributor
Worldwide Service.
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